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About us

Established in 2015, Orestone is an experienced, highly accredited leading independent installer and provider of service and maintenance to emergency call systems, fire detection, and electrical.

As a leader in the industry, we prioritise the safety of both the property and its residents, while also striving for operational excellence. We forge strong partnerships with our clients to deliver comprehensive solutions for commercial, residential, and care facilities.

We ensure compliance by designing, installing, and maintaining fire safety and emergency call systems in line with all current regulations and standards, by offering a comprehensive service from consultation to maintenance, we ensure that housing associations, local authorities, and commercial entities meet legal safety obligations, safeguarding properties and residents effectively.

We are committed to designing solutions that provide cost-effective and choice-led options for our clients. Our integrated approach ensures that the services we deliver are not only efficient but also geared towards tangible outcomes, striking a crucial balance between ensuring safety, delivering comfort, and upholding the autonomy of those we serve.

Technology agnostic

At Orestone, our approach to systems and technology is intentionally agnostic, enabling us to utilise a broad spectrum of solutions to best meet the unique needs of our clients. This philosophy allows us to integrate diverse technologies, ensuring that we can offer the most effective and advanced systems available. By not being tied to any specific brand or platform, we harness the collective strengths of various innovations, tailoring our services to each client’s specific needs.

about orestone
about orestone

Our team’s varied backgrounds in technology and engineering enrich this approach, as they bring a wealth of knowledge and different perspectives to the table. This diversity drives our ability to be flexible and creative in problem-solving, ensuring that our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also inclusive, catering to the varied requirements of the communities and individuals we serve.

Meet the Leadership Team

about orestone - Sam Burton

Sam Burton

Managing Director

about orestone - Ryan Mullen

Ryan Mullen

Commercial Director

about orestone - Jane Donovan

Jane Donovan

Finance Operations Director

about orestone - Liam Forrest

Liam Forrest

Head of Engineering

about orestone - Martin Down

Martin Down

Head of Service

about orestone - Toby Goddard

Toby Goddard

Contracts Manager

about orestone - Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin

Customer Success Manager

about orestone - Sean Jardine

Sean Jardine

Contracts Manager

about orestone - Caitlin Piper

Caitlin Piper

Operations Manager

about orestone - Matt Lill

Matt Lill

Principal Electrical Engineer

At Orestone, inclusivity is a cornerstone of our company culture. We believe that every team member is integral to our success and we are dedicated to creating a work environment that fosters belonging and empowerment. It’s a place where every voice is heard and valued, and where every individual is encouraged to contribute their best.

We also take pride in cultivating the next wave of talent through our comprehensive trainee and apprenticeship programs. These programs reflect our commitment to inclusivity by offering opportunities to a wide range of aspiring professionals. Our aim is to mentor them to realise their potential, encouraging innovation and personal growth, which in turn enriches our industry and our company culture.

We generate results for our customers

“Really positive. The team are friendly, approachable, and polite. The works completed have been of a good standard.”

CEO – Agamemnon

Agamemnon logo

“This is my first experience working with Orestone on the Havant Towers Project. I have found every person I have dealt with to be professional and helpful. Time has been taken to share expertise and attend in emergency situations.”

Legal Services Manager – The Guinness Partnership

about orestone - The Guinness Partnership

“The level of professionalism and dedication they exhibited throughout these projects was truly commendable. Orestone’s team not only showcased their technical expertise but also their commitment to understanding our specific needs and delivering solutions that aligned perfectly.”

Building Safety Project Delivery Manager – The Guinness Partnership

about orestone - The Guinness Partnership

“I thought the team at Orestone were excellent. They went out of their way to do a great job and a tidy installation. They were very friendly and did not shy away from talking to my husband despite his dementia. They took their time to explain to him what they were doing and were able to answer his questions.”

Resident – Aster

about orestone - Aster

“Orestone have always been very responsive and have always provided the best service possible.”

Building Safety Graduate – The Guinness Partnership

The Guinness Partnership

“From my point of view I am updated all the time and every phone call is finished with “Have a nice day, if I can help you any further please call me.”

Group Reinvestment Surveying Manager – GSA

Green Square Accord

“The information was delivered in a way we understood which we were really pleased with”

Resident – Aster


“Orestone’s engineers and office staff have aced every aspect of their service.
Their professionalism, clear communication, and knack for solving problems have been consistently top-notch. It’s a delight to work with a team that truly gets the job done with a positive customer service attitude.”

Project Manager – Equans


“I have found that this is a contractor who delivers well on site and is willing to work with the site team to find solutions. There are situations where personnel have gone over and above when they were supposed to be working elsewhere to deal with emergencies.”

Legal Services Manager- The Guiness Partnership

The Guinness Partnership

Frequently asked questions

For more details or to discuss anything further please get in contact by phone or email.

What services do Orestone provide?2024-02-14T15:22:16+00:00

Orestone provides a range of services primarily focused on safety and technology in living environments. Our offerings include the installation and maintenance of fire safety systems, including domestic fire systems and landlord fire systems. We also specialise in Evacuation Alert installations, for high-rise buildings. Additionally, Orestone offers electrical services, including installations, maintenance, and EICR inspection programs for local authorities and housing associations. Our approach combines advanced technology with user-friendly systems, ensuring safety and efficiency in residential and commercial settings.

Why choose Orestone?2024-02-14T15:23:15+00:00

Orestone ensures the quality and reliability of our installations through a combination of national and industry accreditations and employing skilled engineering professionals. We have in house service, install and networking Engineers who use advanced technology, creating tailored solutions, and providing regular maintenance and inspections. Our comprehensive approach adheres to safety and quality best practices, ensuring each installation meets specific client needs and maintains high standards of functionality and reliability.

What accreditations do Orestone hold?2024-01-31T07:29:59+00:00

Orestone holds a very comprehensive set of accreditations, showcasing our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental management. These include NICEIC accreditation for electrical work competence, ISO 27001 for information security management, ISO 9001 for quality management systems, and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. We are also accredited with BAFE SP203 for fire detection and alarm systems, BAFE SP207 for emergency evacuation alert systems, and have achieved Constructionline Gold and SSIP status. Additionally, we are recognised by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and all our Engineers are certified AICO Expert Installers.

In the world of Assisted Living and TECS,  Orestone are a member of the Telecare Services Association (TSA) and proudly received full accreditation on their Quality Standards Framework (QSF)

What locations do Orestone cover?2024-02-14T15:24:30+00:00

Orestone is equipped to provide national service and maintenance for a variety of life safety systems. Our capabilities extend across the country, enabling us to offer comprehensive support and expertise in maintaining and servicing essential safety systems in different settings. Our nationwide reach ensures that clients, irrespective of their location, can benefit from Orestone’s high-quality services in keeping their safety systems functional and up to date.

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