Orestone Essential Periodic Inspections emphasises the significance of maintaining equipment through regular inspections to ensure functionality and compliance with regulations such as BS5839 and BS5266. The focus is particularly on emergency lighting, which must be bright, durable, and strategically positioned for safe evacuation during emergencies. Devices connected to fire safety systems are tested to confirm their responsiveness, and smoke detectors are cleaned and checked for effectiveness.

Control panel batteries are inspected to ensure functionality during power loss.

The company emphasises that all systems are not only operational but also fit for their intended purpose. Maintenance visits are meticulously recorded, and certificates and reports are issued in PDF format. The approach is both efficient and budget-conscious, addressing various aspects of electrical maintenance/repairs during a single visit to save on attendance fees.

Orestone offers Pre Planned Maintenance contracts with three options—Basic, Premium, and Total Care. These contracts allow clients to focus on their business operations while ensuring that electrical and fire emergency procedures are consistently and comprehensively managed by a single contractor.

The benefits of Orestone’s services are outlined, including safety during evacuation, compliance with regulations, visibility for emergency services, prevention of panic, occupant well-being, and resilience during power outages. The emergency lighting systems provided operate independently of the main power supply, ensuring continued illumination in critical areas during power failures. Overall, Orestone Essential Periodic Inspections offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for maintaining and ensuring the functionality of emergency systems.

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