Transparency & Encouraging Resident Engagement through Coffee Mornings.

At Orestone it’s our job to understand everything there is to know about life safety systems and to be able to confidentially communicate this information to everyone it affects. Not just the Housing Association or Local Authority but the people who will be relying on it in emergencies, the residents.

As a standard, for our community engagement, we hold Resident coffee mornings, demonstration meetings, and fire safety talks prior to any installation taking place. We do this to make sure everyone is aware of when, how, and why the work is taking place and to involve the users every step of the way. This transparency stands as a beacon of our commitment to enhancing resident experience and supporting housing associations in fostering a comfortable and secure community. These events are a personal service reflecting our deep-rooted dedication to active resident engagement.

A Bespoke Experience for Enhanced Living

We understand the importance of feeling at home and connected, which is why these gatherings have been designed to create a welcoming, reassuring atmosphere for housing associations and their residents. This means encouraging questions and casual conversations with members of Orestone’s team, allowing these Coffee Mornings to be tailored to cultivate a sense of involvement and ease.

Informative and Interactive Communication

The essence of this initiative is a blend of informative discussions and personal interaction with the install team and get to know the equipment up close. During these sessions residents receive first-hand, direct information about upcoming works, projects, and processes, creating a transparent and trusting relationship. The time we take out to do these coffee mornings is a time to get resident’s questions answered, their concerns addressed, and create strong, supportive foundations for their housing community.

Empowering Residents Through Active Participation

These times are not just about passing on information; it’s main goal is to empower residents. We do this by encouraging active participation, which is where people’s voices, opinions, and values are not only heard but they are integral to the decision-making process. This level of involvement ensures that our initiatives are aligned incredibly closely to the needs, preferences, and wants of the communities that we serve.

Facilitating Continuous Engagement and Feedback

Furthermore, in addition to proving regular updates and invites, these sessions are also vital for continual and valuable engagement and feedback. We regularly gather residents’ thoughts – worries, suggestions, their confidence – and then turn the coffee mornings into a completely dynamic platform for ongoing improvement and adaptation. This regular and open communication ensures that our services evolve in tandem with the evolving needs of residents, reinforcing our commitment to a resident-first approach.

In essence, Orestone’s Coffee Mornings are a testament to our approach to community engagement, reflecting our values of transparency, collaboration, and resident empowerment. We do these to create a smarter, safer future.

For housing associations and residents keen on embracing the unique experience offered by Orestone’s Coffee Mornings, we invite you to connect with us for more details.

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